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Amy Harris – Advanced Mechatronics Apprentice

Learn more about Amy's experience as an apprentice at Amazon.

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Since leaving school, I have always worked in the care sector. I studied to be a Mental Health Nurse and worked in the NHS for 6 years prior to applying for the apprenticeship with Amazon. Due to working prior to applying for the programme, I had gotten comfortable with a regular income. I had already received a student loan to go to University to study Nursing which I am still paying back, so the thought of getting into even more debt to gain another profession, was a little off putting to say the least. I had always liked the idea of training for a new career by training on the job and also getting paid to learn. By taking an apprenticeship, you get ‘stuck in’ with hand on work and are able to learn a lot quicker than if you are learning in a classroom. The only regret I have is that I wish I had done it sooner!

The RME team (Reliability Maintenance Engineers) are responsible for the smooth running of the centre and carry out planned maintenance on equipment daily. The first year of the programme is spent at a training centre where you study in classrooms, simulation suites and workshops. It gives you a multiple of skills ready to return to the Fulfilment Centre in the second year.

When doing an apprenticeship, you are exposed to a working environment which not only teaches you disciplines of a work place but also skills such as time keeping, team building and hands on techniques. Since being on the programme, I have noticed my skills of managing my own work load have improved. My time keeping, team building and organisation skills have excelled since being on the programme which sets me up for my future. The apprenticeship has taught me these skills which are so valuable to both my employer and in my personal life aswell.

When I first discovered this apprenticeship, I thought it was too good to be true but hey, look at me now! In my second year and absolutely loving every minute of it. The variety of subjects you study is incredible which gives you an all-round knowledge base. You are given support 100% of the time and are given a mentor to help with the academic side of things. My advice to anyone thinking of applying is to do it sooner rather than later as you could be where I am today, in my element and excelling at work thanks to the Amazon Apprenticeship programme.