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Evelina Slavova – Business Improvement Techniques Apprentice

Learn more about Evelina's experience as an apprentice at Amazon

Evelina Slavova headshot

From my first day in Amazon, I knew that this was my kind of place. I like how different Amazon is and how you can grow with this company. As I had a previous education from my country of origin, I decided that an apprenticeship would help me to improve my knowledge and grow within Amazon. I chose to be part of the Business Improvement Techniques programme as Amazon pays you a full time employee wage during the programme whilst giving you time off to complete the coursework and attend the workshops associated with the programme, so you get paid while studying. I believe that taking the decision to apply for this programme changed my life. I was looking to improve my English and also my confidence, as a lot of my colleagues and even my manager were telling me that I was doing great in my role but I needed this little bit of extra confidence to believe in myself.

I can say that with every day on the programme I am more organized and continue to improve my skillset. I am using the skills learned during my apprenticeship programme already, it really has helped me to grow a lot within Amazon. My apprenticeship helped me to grow not only as a professional (where I have been promoted during my time on the programme), but as a person as well. I can’t wait to get my second year diploma and apply for a permanent area manager role on completion of the programme.