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Jacques Hugo – IT Network Engineer Apprentice

Learn more about Jacques' experience as an apprentice at Amazon.

Jacques Hugo Image.jpeg

Prior to joining Amazon I spent 10 years working in warehouses and in retail as a merchandiser. I’ve always been passionate about IT, and have been building and upgrading computers since I was very young, I could never afford tertiary education in South Africa after school. Many years later I decided to pursue a career in line with my passion and this apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to become qualified and work in an environment I love.

Being part of a giant tech company at the leading edge of current technology and innovation is a dream come true. I get to work in an ever changing and evolving business, this keeps me excited and passionate about my career, which is something I had never felt previously in a “job” I genuinely feel like I’m developing personally and professionally.

Day to day, I manage and monitor network infrastructure within Amazon fulfilment centres, I use monitoring tools and databases to keep track of IT equipment and their connection to the network. I am a point of contact between multiple internal and external teams that keep the engine of Amazon running.

There is no shortage of tech innovation in the world, I am excited that the qualifications, experience and skills I obtain during my apprenticeship will give me a great base to work upwards from in the future.

You’re never too old to start doing something you’re passionate about, at thirty-two years old, I didn’t think I would be able to get the education and qualifications I missed out on after school, I couldn’t be more happy to say, that an apprenticeship like this has been the best change to my life and career ever.