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Luca Maccioni – Software Development Engineer Apprentice

Learn more about Luca's experience as an apprentice at Amazon.


Prior to joining Amazon I worked in a variety of jobs in the hospitality industry, from general assistant to managerial roles. I also have years of experience as a customer service representative for a major pay-tv company.

When I decided to change career and pursue my passion for tech, I began teaching myself to code. As my journey went along, I felt I needed some guidance and real world, professional challenges in order to gain some valuable, industry recognised experience, this is why I choose an apprenticeship. Now, I am employed, have dedicated time to study, and I am working on real projects. I always had a passion for tech and coding in particular. This Amazon apprenticeship will kickstart my new career and will open many opportunities. I am excited about the many different paths I could take as a Software Engineer at Amazon once I finish the programme.

I am currently working in the Prime Video Living Room Client team and I am already working on a project that will improve the end user experience. This gives me exposure to the code base and fast-tracks my onboarding with the team. Starting this new job remotely due to the current situation has been a big learning curve for me. I’ve learned to work as part of a team while homeworking, and have had to take responsibility for managing my time and ensuring a good work/life balance.

Although my journey has only just began, I’ve already had exposure to information and technologies I previously only dreamt of. I work daily with some of the brightest people I’ve ever met. I’m loving the Amazon culture and working in this thriving environment. I’m honestly still coming to terms to what I achieved by landing this opportunity and I can’t stress enough the personal and professional growth potential I see ahead of me!