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Marcin Motowidlo – Data Analyst Apprentice

Learn more about Marcin's experience as an apprentice at Amazon

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Before joining the Data Analyst programme, I was working as a HR Associate Partner in Amazon’s Bristol Fulfilment Centre that launched just several months earlier. During Bristol’s first peak (busy period for Amazon) I had the opportunity to step up to the role of HR Partner. Additionally, I was enrolled in the Operations Apprenticeship programme since joining Amazon back in August 2018 and completed that scheme before starting this one.

In the simplest way, I am responsible for ensuring that stakeholders have all the necessary data available to them to make the right decision. However, different parts of our data are stored in different ways and I have to work with various during my day, and because of that no two days are the same. As soon as I feel comfortable using one tool, there is another one that I need to get familiar with.

One thing that affected both my work and my personal life was realizing how many things could be automated and now I am gaining the skills and knowledge to do it. If at any point I catch myself doing same thing several times during a day or week, I immediately start thinking about how could I simplify or automate it.

In my case, I felt I was not suited to the theoretical learning that university requires, and prefer to learn practically on the job. Thanks to this apprenticeship I get to practice and experiment with everything I learn during the programme and apply that within a work environment. Work never feels like routine, and time off work for classroom module and apprenticeship-related tasks makes it impossible to get bored.

After completion of the programme I am planning to continue my education, one of the options that I am taking into consideration is MSc in Machine Learning.

The fact that after already completing one of Amazons’ apprenticeship programmes, I have decided to join another one, speaks for itself. Being on the programme makes day to day work more diverse and enjoyable and is a great investment in the future. Even if you find during your time on an apprenticeship programme that it’s not the career you would like to pursue, there will be skills that you have learned that you can apply everywhere.