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Amazon Academy at the CWL1 Fulfillment Centre near Swansea, Wales, UK

For Career Changers

Apprenticeships aren’t just a valuable route for school, college or university leavers, they can also be the opportunity you are looking for to change your career, pursue a passion or revive missed employment opportunities. An apprenticeship is a journey towards becoming a specialist in a role you are passionate about. There is no upper age limit to an apprenticeship, Amazon currently has apprentices working across our business at all different stages of their professional career.

Sometimes it can take longer than expected to find the right career but it's never too late. Whether you're looking to change your career, are looking to use the opportunity to retrain, or perhaps returning to employment after a career break, an apprenticeship may provide the opportunity you've been looking for, and it might not be as scary as you think. On an apprenticeship you'll learn valuable new skills and train towards a new qualification - all while earning a highly competitive wage.

Apprenticeships for Career Changers
Hear from existing Amazon apprentices who have used an apprenticeship programme to change the direction of their career and retrain into a new role. Its never too late to make a change.

Apprentice Profiles

Top Tips For Applicants
Nicola is hoping that she can inspire the next wave of apprentices to apply for their dream positions and offers some words of wisdom for anyone thinking about applying for an apprenticeship.



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