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Safety Specialist

Coalville, Coventry, Bristol, Swansea, Rugeley (Staffordshire), Dunfermline, Kegworth, Tilbury, Dunstable, Manchester, Warrington, Middlesbrough, Newcastle (other locations considered)
Programme Length
24 months
Programme Level
Level 4 apprenticeship and a Level 6 Professional Safety qualification
Minimum Entry Requirements
Bachelor’s degree (any subject) and work experience in a safety role or completion of the Safety Health & Environment Technician Level 3 apprenticeship
Qualification Gained
Process Lead L4 apprenticeship and the NCRQ L6 Diploma in Applied Health & Safety
Working Pattern
40-hour working week which could include weekend and or night shift working.
Office Type
Fulfilment or Sort Centre.
Training Breakdown
12 modules to covering Self Leadership, Problem Solving & Smart Projects, Principles of H&S, Essentials of Leadership, Personal Injury liability and Absence Reduction, Use of Data, Lean Principles, Workplace Hazards, Driving Change, Team Dynamics and Coaching/Feedback. The delivery will be a blend of virtual classrooms, workshops, guided online self-learning and 1:1 coaching. Apprentices will work alongside experienced members of the Amazon Health & Safety team, learning on the job for 80% of their working week.
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A Safety Specialist apprentice will support in an assigned location, coordinating and assisting in the implementation of Amazon workplace health and safety programmes as directed by Work Health and Safety (WHS) leadership, in alignment with policy and team goals. Apprentices on the programme will initially work alongside a WHS Coordinator to gain a thorough understanding of how safety initiatives are implemented in the workplace. As they gain experience and knowledge they will support WHS specialists and become competent in conducting safety related trainings onsite with managers and associates, and provide on the spot feedback to employees regarding observable behaviors that impact ability to work safely. By providing feedback, they influence associates and leaders within the building to display safe behaviors and achieve site safety audit and prevention goals on a daily basis.

Apprentices will be allocated time away from their daily responsibilities each week to study to achieve the Process Lead apprenticeship and the NCQR level 6 Diploma in Applied Health & Safety. Each apprentice will have the support of an Amazon buddy, a specialist coach, their line manager and the apprenticeship team.
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"When I first discovered this apprenticeship, I thought it was too good to be true but hey, look at me now!”
Amy - Advanced Mechatronics Apprentice



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