Amazon Graduation 2022

Apprentice Graduation 2022

Apprentice Graduation Highlights

In October we celebrated the class of 2022 graduation ceremony for Amazon’s Apprenticeship graduates. As we continue to scale the Apprenticeship programs it is imperative for Amazon to recognise the success of the Apprentices who work incredibly hard to serve our customers and contribute towards the growth of our organisation.

Our Apprentices work extremely hard at Amazon! Balancing both a fulltime role and an Apprenticeship qualification is not always easy however, our Apprenticeship graduates have truly embodied amazon’s leadership principles and all their hard work and dedication over the last few years is a true testament to their commitment to learn and be curious, insist on the highest standards and take ownership to become great ambassadors of the Apprenticeship programs.

Its therefore doubly special to see so many graduates all in one room who have invested so much time and dedication into their Apprenticeship qualifications.

JB (UK Country Manager) said ‘I am such a champion of Apprenticeships. Whenever I travel to sites across the country, it is the greatest privilege to get to meet those in training – to hear your unique stories and your unrivalled passion for what you do.’

Amazon Graduation
Amazon Graduation
Amazon Graduation