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There will be questions along the way and we know these may differ given your role. We have looked to answer some of the main questions we received below. If you are looking to become an Apprentice, or are supporting an individual through their application we hope we have covered the main points. If you require additional support, please let us know as part of your application.

What is an Apprenticeship?
An Apprenticeship is a structured learning programme executed partly at school (school, college, university, training provider) and partly on-the-job. It allows Apprentices to study to obtain a formal externally accredited academic qualification while gaining strong professional experience while earning a competitive wage.

Apprenticeships aren’t just a valuable route for school, college or university leavers, they can also be the opportunity you are looking for to change your career, pursue a passion or revive missed employment opportunities. An Apprenticeship enables you to earn while you learn and gain work experience preparing you for a role in the chosen vocation.
What do the different Apprenticeship levels mean?
The different Apprenticeship levels equate to different levels of qualifications. From GCSE to Masters you can attain additional qualifications to compliment your learning journey, irrelevant of which stage of your career you are currently at.
Can you give me clarity of Apprenticeship levels?
There are four levels of Apprenticeships programmes on offer. Intermediate (Level 2) will provide you with the equivalent of a GCSE in the Apprenticeship programme you complete. Advanced (or Level 3) is the equivalent to achieving an A-Level in your subject. Higher (Level 4 and 5) will qualify you to a Foundation Degree (Level 4 and 5). Degree level (Level 6 and 7) will award you a Bachelor's Degree (Level 6) or Master’s Degree (Level 7) in your chosen subject.
How long do the Apprenticeships last?
Our programmes last from 12 months to 4 years, depending on the scheme you join. As you will be gaining your qualification alongside working, to succeed you need to commit to these timeframes.
What Apprenticeships are available?
We have a variety of Apprenticeship programmes across the different business sectors within Amazon. Take the time to read our Programme Overview page thoroughly. You will find a programme statement, eligibility criteria and roadmap outlining what skills, training and qualifications you will receive and where these could take you on your career if you remain in your chosen field. If you are not sure which programme is right for you based on your academic strengths, interests, preferred working environment and ambitions take this short quiz that will suggest fields of work for you: Take The UCAS Careers Quiz
Where are the Apprenticeships based in the UK?
As the programmes we offer very each year, the locations for our programmes are subject to change. Please check the Programme Overview page for location information specific to each scheme. Usually programmes are available in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
What are the standard eligibility criteria?
You must be a UK resident and have been living in the UK continuously for 3 years directly prior to your application.

Each of our programmes has different educational requirements - please check on our Programme Overview tab for programme specific criteria.
Are there any age restrictions to applying?
Providing you are over the age of 18, there are no additional age restrictions for our Apprenticeship programmes.
When do applications open?
Applications for our corporate degree and non-degree Apprenticeships open on the Monday 11th December 2023. If you’re successful in non-degree Apprenticeships you will be offered a place and can expect to start with us in July 2024. For degree Apprenticeships, you can expect to start with us in September 2024.

You must be available to start at this time so you can enjoy our onboarding and orientation experience.
When do applications close?
Our application process operates on a rolling basis. While closing dates as advertised on third-party platforms like represent our expected deadlines, please note that they are subject to change. We highly recommend applying early to secure your opportunity and prevent any potential disappointment.
Why do assessments have deadlines?
We recommend completing the first assessment along with your initial application as soon as possible, this assessment has an expiry date but no deadline. Once the role has closed for application your application can no longer be considered if the first assessment isn't complete.

Our positions follow a rolling closure pattern, and once a role is closed for applications, we cannot proceed further if the first assessment remains incomplete. Please note that applications will not be considered until this initial assessment is finished upon invitation.

Subsequent assessments come with a strict 5-day deadline, which cannot be extended. This policy ensures fairness and consistency for all applicants. The 5-day timeframe provides an adequate window for each stage of the process, ensuring readiness for the scheduled assessment centre
What can you expect as the selection process?
This comprises of five parts:

i. The online application where you will submit your CV and answer initial eligibility questions.

ii. You will take part in an online assessment. These tests use scientific methods to measure things like your problem-solving skills, how you handle emotions, your interests, and more.

iii. The next stage is game-based assessments of personality, no prior knowledge is required to complete these tasks successfully. Instead, the game-like tasks will show us your natural behaviour or ability in action.

iv. At this stage, you will record answers to three questions using an online platform, available on mobile or desktop. This gives you the chance to tell us about your motivations and transferable skills.

v. The final part of the application process is an Assessment Centre. These will be held virtually and you will take part in a group exercise, presentation, practical task and one on one interviews with managers from the teams you could be aligned to.
Can I work from home if I'm successful in joining as an Apprentice?
You will be expected to be complete your Apprenticeship “in-person” at your main base location which you will be assigned to at the point of offer. Some teams across Amazon do operate in a hybrid working model so there may be some home-working available depending on programme and the team you join. However, as we cannot guarantee this, you must be committed and able to work from your main base location full time should you accept the offer to join as an Amazon Apprentice.
Can I register my interest in Apprenticeships ahead of applications opening?
Yes! Ahead of our Apprenticeship opportunities opening for applications, please use the below form to register your interest in advance and to stay up to date on useful information, upcoming events and job opportunities.

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