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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an apprenticeship?
An apprenticeship is a structured learning programme executed partly at school (school, college, university, training provider) and partly on-the-job. It allows apprentices to study to obtain a formal externally accredited academic qualification while gaining strong professional experience while earning a competitive wage.

Apprenticeships aren’t just a valuable route for school, college or university leavers, they can also be the opportunity you are looking for to change your career, pursue a passion or revive missed employment opportunities. An apprenticeship enables you to earn while you learn and gain work experience preparing you for a role in the chosen vocation.
What types of apprenticeships are available?
Whatever background, qualifications or aspirations you might have, Amazon offers opportunities. Whether it’s in operations, information technology, engineering, software development, fashion or marketing, we put you in prime position to train and learn new skills.
How long does it last?
Our programmes last from 18 months to 4 years, depending on the scheme you join.
How much will I earn?
Salaries vary depending on programme. Hourly pay ranges from £9.70- £12.05 (London £10.50- £14.42 per hour)*
What are the entry requirements?
These vary per programme depending on the level of the apprenticeship. Please check the job description for an outline of the entry requirements.
What qualification will I gain?
The qualification achieved depends on the programme you join. Please check the job description for an outline of the qualifications attached to the programme.
How do I apply?
Applications are made through
Who usually does an apprenticeship?
We have programmes at all levels, whether you are a college leaver looking to continue in education or someone looking to change your career, we have programmes for people at all stages of their career.
How old do you need to be?
Providing you are over the age of 18, there are no additional age restrictions for our apprenticeship programmes.
How is training delivered?
All apprenticeship programmes consist of at least 20% off the job learning, meaning you will spend at least that time away from your day job completing learning activities related to the programme. The 20% is made up of variable learning activities which are a blend of Instructor lead training (ILT) and on the job training (OTJ) and is mandatory for apprenticeships.
What happens when I finish?
Once you have successfully passed the apprenticeship programme you will be qualified to apply for a permanent role within Amazon and supported through this hiring process by the apprenticeship team.
Where will the apprenticeship be based?
Locations vary per programme, please check the job description for location information. Programmes are available in England, Scotland and Wales.
Would I be an Amazon employee during the apprenticeship?
Yes, apprentices are hired onto a fixed-term contract (FTC) for the duration of the apprenticeship and are then eligible to apply for a permanent contracted role on successful completion of the apprenticeship programme.
Do I get any benefits?
You will receive benefits as a fixed-term contract employee. These benefits will be outlined in more detail during the offer of employment process.
How much time will I be allocated to complete training while I'm working?
At least 20% of your time on programme will be dedicated to off the job training. This exact structure of the training will vary per programme, but your line manager and apprenticeship programme manager will ensure you have necessary time dedicated to completing your training.
What will I do day to day?
Your day to day activities will vary depending on the programme you join, but when you are not participating in training you will be an active and valued member of your team.