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I am a Career Guidance coach and would like to understand more

How do I understand what Apprenticeships are available?
All of our schemes are listed on the programmes page; there you will find a comprehensive breakdown of what the schemes are, what level qualification you will achieve upon completion and other relevant information about our Apprenticeship schemes.
How do I align students/potential applicants to the right scheme?
Review the Programme Overview page on this website. You will find here a comprehensive overview of each course, level, location, eligibility criteria, academic qualifications, skills and career pathway. If further help is needed ask your potential Apprentice to try this quiz which will offer more ideas around career choices: Take the UCAS Careers Quiz
What can we expect from the application/selection process?
Fairness, consistency and an opportunity to participate using different mediums and sessions. The different stages (video interviews and Assessment Centres) will help us understand more about your academic abilities, why you think Amazon is a good fit for you and why you are interested in the programme you have applied for. Please review the Programme Overview page – each scheme has a clear outline of the process and associated timelines for application.
What access will be needed to IT kit?
Our application process can be completed using a mobile device. We would however suggest if a laptop is/or can be made available this might make the candidate more comfortable in terms of participating on a larger screen. CVs will be needed to start the application and these will need to be completed using Word.
Can reasonable adjustments be made for applicants?
Yes, we are open to accommodate reasonable adjustments. If you would like to have a conversation around how we can further support applications please email us on:
Will the process be virtual or face to face?
For the 2024 cycle the recruitment process will be conducted virtually.
What are the timelines for the application process?
All timelines are indicated on the Programme Overview tab on this website. Review the scheme that appeals and there is a visual that includes process and dates.
What are the top tips to succeed in the selection process?
We're looking for applicants who are passionate about the area they're applying for and really keen to learn and develop their skills, so let us know what excites you about the programme and what you'd like to achieve. Make sure to highlight any transferrable skills you have and explain they will assist you on the Apprenticeship programme, these skills can come from anywhere - any past work experience, your time in school or college or even from your personal hobbies. Make sure to look into Amazon's Leadership Principles and let us know which ones resonate with you the most, have a think about times where you may have demonstrated our leadership principles in the past.
How quickly will a student/applicant find out they are successful/un-successful?
Due to the number of applications we cannot provide individual feedback. Once an applicant has passed the initial Right to Work in the UK and eligibility educational matrix you will receive an email with an invitation to complete the next stages. If successful your invitation to Assessment Centre will follow and we will call if an offer is pending.
What contact/support should be expected between offer and start?
We have a comprehensive Engagement Programme specific to your scheme. You can expect emails, webinars and in-person events concluding with an on-boarding experience.

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