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I'm playing a supporting role in an Apprenticeship application

Why is Amazon a good option as an Apprentice?
We are a market leading business operating across a variety of sectors and we set the pace in what we do. Our Apprenticeships are an integral part to our business and as such our Apprentices gain full exposure to the innovative work going on across the business. We offer a unique opportunity to gain academic qualifications whilst working in teams that will positively challenge, support and grow their Apprentices as they progress through their course.
What support is available whilst on the Apprenticeship programme?
On the job mentoring, educational training and holistic coaching is available to every Apprentice. From Day One through to Graduation we are invested in their success and will mark the milestones and celebrate the achievement of goals.
What educational providers does Amazon work with?
We work with a cross section of providers. These are market leading and are aligned to specific programmes. All are selected through a rigorous process and have ongoing evaluations to ensure their provision remains comprehensive and relevant.
How is the Apprenticeship programme funded?
Amazon and the UK Government Levy Programme fund our programme. We do not ask our Apprentices to contribute to their training in any way.
Does the Apprentice pay to be part of the programme?
No. All we ask from our Apprentices is full commitment, ongoing contribution and a passion to be the best they can be.
Why choose Amazon above other offers?
We offer a broad range of programmes located across the UK and Ireland. These programmes translate into careers and transferable skills that are centre-stage in the job market. Our coaching, training and mentoring is recognised as market leading and we have been investing in our programmes for 10 years.
What makes a successful applicant?
Passion, enthusiasm and dedication. Our application process outlines an eligibility matrix for each programme and if these apply to you, we will teach you the skills. No two of our Apprentices are the same, so whilst it’s difficult to give a blueprint for success if you have the right ambition, attitude and aptitude we would love to hear from you.
What is the timeline for applications?
Each of our timelines per scheme are outlined in our Programme Overview tab.
What makes someone right for Amazon as an Apprentice?
We have programmes at all levels, whether you are a college leaver looking to continue in education or someone looking to change your career, we have programmes for people at all stages of their career. We are looking for candidates who display our Leadership Principles and show a keen interest to continue learning and develop their skills.
How do you align an Apprentice to a programme within the business?
We review the business areas that have requested Apprentice intakes for the 2024 cycle. Once a candidate has passed the selection phase we will ask them for any preferences they may have and align these based on availability of programme, location, interests and preferred environment. Our aim is to align Apprentices into business areas that resonate with them.

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