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I’m thinking of applying as an Apprentice

Why would I want to join Amazon as an Apprentice?
Apprenticeships offer you an opportunity to develop your skills in a specific field, gain qualifications aligned to that area and work in a commercial team that will support you as you continue to develop your understanding and expertise. You will graduate from your programme with industry skills and recognised formal qualifications. You will be paid a monthly salary and will qualify for the usual perks of being an Amazonian.
What’s the best way to choose the best programme for me?
Review our programme statements on our Programme Overview page. These are aligned to each scheme and provide an overview of the ambition, aptitude and attitude necessary to succeed.
What are the timelines for application?
Applications for our Apprenticeship programmes will open on the 11th December 2023. The timeline for each does vary so familiarise yourself with what will happen and when. Following your application (and if you meet the eligibility criteria) you will receive emails from our Recruitment Team outlining the next stages of the recruitment process. If you are successful in being offered a place on any of our non-degree Apprentice programmes, you can expect to start with us on in July 2024. If you're offered a place on one of our degree Apprentice programmes, you expect to start with us in September 2024.

Specific start dates may vary per programme, you will be able to view each schemes start date from our programme overview page. In order to be considered for the opportunity, you must be available to start on the specified start date.
What is the process to become an Apprentice?
We have created a consistent process that is focused on drawing out strengths whilst providing candidates opportunities to showcase their passions. The different stages (video interviews and Assessment Centres) will help us understand more about your academic abilities, why you think Amazon is a good fit for you and why you are interested in the programme you have applied for. Please review the Programme Overview page – each scheme has a clear outline of the process and associated timelines for application.
What sort of support can I expect as an Apprentice?
We offer comprehensive support throughout your course. You will be aligned to a programme and business area and receive on the job training from your manager and the team around you. You will be allocated to a Training Provider who will coach you through specific courses and milestones in relation to your qualification. An Apprentice Programme Manager will also be assigned to you and their role will be more holistic, ensuring you have the tools and support to succeed.
How will I earn while I learn?
We are proud to set the standard in the pay and package for our Apprentices. You will be paid at the end of every month and be allocated holidays and benefits befitting an Amazonian. Your course, tuition and time to complete your programme will be fully funded and you will be able to complete these as part of your 40-hour working week.
How will I be placed within the right team for my Apprenticeship?
We'll look to find out more about your skills and interests during the selection process and use this information to match you to a suitable business area. We'll also give you information about the teams that are hiring Apprentices and will ask you for your preferred areas. Whilst we will take your preference into consideration, we can't guarantee that you'd be placed in your preferred business area should you be successful in gaining a place on the programme.
What location could I be based at?
Locations vary per programme, please check the job description in the Programme Overview tab on this website for location information. Programmes are available in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
What sort of contract will I be on?
You will be hired onto a Fixed-Term Contract (FTC) for the duration of your Apprenticeship. As your programme comes to its conclusion you will then be eligible to apply for other roles following the internal application process. Once you have successfully graduated, you can then start your new role.
When would I get paid?
All employees in the UK at paid at the end of every month.

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