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What is your role at Amazon?

I am an HR Apprentice

What is a typical day at work like for you? Give us example of what new things you have been introduced to whilst working at Amazon?

Within the HR sector, I would say that every day is not the same. I am a member of the Northern Region HR Partner (HRP) team. The Team and I support queries relating to employees based in the UK, Ireland, Sweden and Finland. We receive a multitude of queries on a daily basis which form a queue. One of my responsibilities is to organise this queue, ensuring that the cases we receive from managers within EMEA go to the correct teams and country queues so that HRPs can provide specialist advice based on the employee’s locale. We support queries relating to performance management, employee relations issues, manager capability, compensation changes, health and wellbeing, emergency management, onboarding and probation, organisational changes and provide policy guidance. Through this role at Amazon, I have learnt how to effectively communicate with others via email and how to conduct myself when presenting and leading virtual meetings.

How do you feel Amazon enables you to balance work and study whilst completing your Apprenticeship?

I am fortunate to have a Team that are very supportive and understanding of my Apprenticeship requirements. Within my Apprenticeship, I am required to dedicate 20% of my time to my studies. I have arranged with my Team for this to be conducted on Friday’s every week. It can be difficult to dedicate all my attention to my Apprenticeship from time to time as I may have a case that needs urgent assistance. My team are empathetic and enable me to take time when needed to focus on the assignments and activities that I have been set. This level of understanding and support enables me to complete all the tasks that I need to and create a healthy balance.

What attracted you to Amazon?

Aaliyah - HR Consultant Apprentice 1

Amazon are a globally renowned market leader. They are highly respected and are considered one of the best brands. Due to the scope of the company, there are many opportunities available to learn, grow and excel within the company.

How do you feel this Apprenticeship will be beneficial to your career progression?

Through this Apprenticeship, I am able to gain the practical experience of being a contributing member of an HR Partner team, but also develop the theoretical knowledge of the wider functionalities of HR and receive a qualification. With such a diverse company, there are so many different career paths to choose from and explore. Every day at Amazon is considered day 1 as there is so much to learn and skills to develop. With the progression that I have experienced on a personal level as well as in my career, I strive to achieve a permanent position and continue on my journey within Amazon.

Do you feel like direct industry experience has been beneficial to your learning?

During this Apprenticeship, I have enjoyed directly experiencing and performing the role of an HR Apprentice. I have gained valuable insight on the requirements of the role, how to interact with key stakeholders and conduct myself to adapt to every situation. At Amazon, our mentoring programme is a huge asset and I have found it an invaluable source of personal and professional growth.

Has the learning on Apprenticeship change your approach to work?

After finishing full time education, this Apprenticeship has provided me the opportunity to understand a corporate environment. I had preconceptions from previous work experience of what it would be like working in an office environment. The theory that I have been studying has built a foundation of HR knowledge. However, the reality of working a full-time role has shown me that I need a range of theoretical and practical knowledge in order to be successful. This experience has also taught me that I need to be focused and organised to ensure that I am able to balance all Apprenticeship and work tasks.