Derick - Chartered Management Degree Apprentice


Chartered Management Degree Apprentice

Learn more about Derick's experience as an Apprentice at Amazon.

Derick - Chartered Management Degree Apprentice

What is your background prior to joining the Apprenticeship programme?

I was medically discharged from the Army and joined amazon as a field quality specialist L3.

Why did you choose this option over other opportunities?

I believe an Apprenticeship will provide an amazing opportunity to learn whilst earning at the same time. I also knew I would be able apply my skills and knowledge learnt from the Apprenticeship in my place of work at amazon.

What have you learnt from your Apprenticeship?

I have learnt about different leadership skills such as coaching and how to manage and lead team. I have acquired some knowledge on setting smart goals and different ways of improving time management which I am able to apply in both my personal and career development.

Please discuss the application process?

I enjoyed the application process and I was challenged any many areas to ensure I was well prepared for the Apprenticeship. I enjoyed the interview process and the selection process especially during the task activities. I had the opportunity to work with likeminded people during team activities.

What words of advice would give to future Apprentices?

I would advise them to do some further research on the course before start in order to prepare them well for the Apprenticeship. I would encourage them make efficient use of their personal time management.