Solutions Architect Apprentice – WWPS Solutions Architect

Learn more about Ellie's experience as an Apprentice at Amazon.

Ellie - Apprentice 2

What is your role at Amazon?

I am a Solutions Architect Apprentice at Amazon Web Services, working within the World-Wide Public Sector (WWPS) org in the UK.

What is a typical day at work like for you? Give us example of what new things you have been introduced to whilst working at Amazon?

Every day is different. I spend a lot of my time learning, whether it is through customer projects, team conversations, or internal Apprenticeship projects. As a solutions architect I act as a technical advisor for public sector customers, helping them adopt AWS services and migrate to the cloud. Working with an enterprise public sector account, has provided great project opportunities, from presenting at an immersion day with over 80 customers through to presenting a storage session at a user group event with key business stakeholders. Being able to work with both end users and stakeholders has given me a breadth of knowledge with the business and technical side.

In the past 21 months I have also been introduced to the AWS console, learning how to build cloud-based solutions. From this I have built proof of concepts for both internal and customer facing projects.

How do you feel Amazon enables you to balance work and study whilst completing your Apprenticeship?

Amazon ensures that I get to spend 20% of my time as “off-the-job” for university work and study. This is flexible and sometimes increases closer to assignment deadlines if extra time and support is needed. The leadership principle “learn and be curious” makes personal development and study a key priority within the organisation.

What attracted you to Amazon?


I was attracted to Amazon’s culture of innovation and how influential they are within the technology space. The work AWS have done within the sporting industry - specifically the integration of machine learning in F1 – as well as the pivotal work done within the public sector sparked an interest. I wanted to be part of a team that makes an impact to society.

How do you feel this Apprenticeship will be beneficial to your career progression?

The hands-on experience I am gaining is continuously providing me with new skills I can now bring to work. Some of these include growing my network, confidence, and industry knowledge. This, alongside the variety of opportunities provided to me have expanded my skillset and knowledge to help me progress in my career after the Apprenticeship.

Do you feel like direct industry experience has been beneficial to your learning?

The direct industry experience has not only helped with my personal development but also my university modules which have some overlap. They either directly link to one another or offer additional knowledge, helping bring concepts to life. Within the workplace I have joined security meetings, looking at how to make customer solutions more secure and answering ad-hoc queries. This exposure really helped with my understanding in the cyber security module I completed at university.

Has the learning on Apprenticeship change your approach to work?

The way I approach and complete work has definitely changed since the beginning of my Apprenticeship. I now have a more structured approach to tasks, and have learnt to use the network around me to help when I am struggling. Some of the particular modules throughout university, including project management, have provided information on different methodologies and ways to complete pieces of work. This has helped me complete tasks more efficiently and to a higher standard.