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Operations Supervisor

Learn more about Fiona's experience as an Apprentice at Amazon.

Fiona - Apprentice
Joel Chant

Why did you decide to do an Apprenticeship over going to University?

I left school at 16 and went immediately into a full-time career. Just under forty years later I was given the opportunity at DIP1 to apply for the Team Leadership Apprenticeship program. This program provided me with the tools to enhance the skills I had, learn new techniques and develop my leadership behaviours.

What attracted you to Amazon?

During lockdown in 2020 I took redundancy. I didn’t want to rush into a job straight away, so focused on what I really wanted from a career. I was looking for a new challenge, away from a corporate environment and found an article about Amazon coming to Ipswich. I search for vacancies and found a role for an Operations Supervisor. I like the description of the role, but more importantly, Amazon’s Leadership Principles.

Where has your Apprenticeship led you?

During the final few weeks of my Apprenticeship I was given the opportunity to step up as an L4 Nightshift Manager. I believe the program gave me the confidence to run the night shift sortation, manage a team of SA’s and maintain the core metrics.

I have the confidence and ambition to pursue my career and progress within Amazon.