Isa - Apprentice 1


Recruitment Consultant Apprentice

Learn more about Isa's experience as an Apprentice at Amazon


What is your role at Amazon? 

My role at Amazon is a Full Life-Cycle Recruiter. I manage the entire recruitment process from the initial job posting all the way to the offer stage. This includes screening candidates resumes, interviewing candidates and extending formal offers of employment. 

What is a typical day at work like for you?

My typical day at work involves getting online at 8:30am.

The first thing I’d do is answer the Connections Questions of the day - I feel like it’s an important part of working at Amazon. After I would look through my emails to check what time my meetings are for the day.

I have a Daily Stand-up with my mentor in the current team I am supporting. This starts at 9:30 and would last 15 minutes. I would then return to look at my emails in detail by responding to candidates and their queries- providing them with any support they need.  

Around 10:30, I would look at my Hire dashboard. Hire is the recruiting system Amazon has that stores all of the candidate details. It shows me what actions need to be done and it shows me who has applied to the role I am tagged to. 

Some days I might have a call with a candidate; so, prior to this I ensure I prep call before their interview. I do this by following Amazon Guidelines and teaching candidates about the STAR method.

After lunch I would check my emails to make sure I haven’t missed anything important throughout the day. I then would look at the job requisitions that don’t have enough candidates in the pipeline and revisit the kind of candidate the hiring manager is after.

After collecting this data, I would go on to LinkedIn Recruiter and try to source the best fitting candidates. Throughout the day I might have debriefs to attend. Debriefs are for candidates that have successfully completed their interview loops. They last around 30 minutes.

Lastly, I would make sure I have no more tasks remaining and consequently plan for the next day by checking my calendar.

How do you feel Amazon enables you to balance work and study whilst completing your Apprenticeship?

Isa - Apprentice 1

Amazon have been incredibly flexible when it comes to balancing my vocational work and “on-the job” experience. Amazon are big on allowing colleagues to have ownership of their own work responsibilities. They have given me the confidence to complete my Apprenticeship whilst being able to fulfil my daily responsibilities comfortably. 

What attracted you to Amazon?

Amazon is a big company with big opportunities. I have the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the smartest people in the industry. 

How do you feel this Apprenticeship will be beneficial to your career progression? 

It has been an introduction into working in recruitment and in a multination company. 

Do you feel like direct industry experience has been beneficial to your learning? 

Industry experience has been vital to my learning and development. I have been exposed to so many areas and teams and I have been given opportunities to showcase my skills. 

This has only benefited and helped my development here at Amazon! 

Has the learning on Apprenticeship changed your approach to work?

I am more methodical and organised about the way I approach my work. I have learnt and developed some key core skills such as time management and organisational skills from my Apprenticeship. I apply these skills to my day to day activities which ultimately help me succeed and excel in my role.