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Digital Marketing Apprentice - Alexa AI

Learn more about Izzy's experience as an Apprentice at Amazon

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What is your role at Amazon?

I am a Digital Marketing Apprentice on the Alexa Answers team. I work alongside 3 other marketing Apprentices who are responsible for increasing the number of Monthly Active Contributors on the Alexa Answers sites internationally.

What is a typical day at work like for you? Give us example of what new things you have been introduced to whilst working at Amazon

In my team, our biggest marketing channel is email marketing. Daily, I work on projects to increase the number of people coming to the Alexa Answers sites, so currently I am working on re-branding our email newsletter so that our content is more engaging to our audience of subscribers, so that we can retain them to come back to the Alexa Answers websites.

I also create blog posts for the websites which is something I have never done prior to working at Amazon.

How do you feel Amazon enables you to balance work and study whilst completing your Apprenticeship?

Amazon enables you to balance work and study whilst completing your Apprenticeship, because they are very understanding when it comes to your priorities. They also are cautious with the amount of work they delegate to you, as they are aware that you have to take a certain number of hours to complete the Apprenticeship training. This means you are not overwhelmed when it comes to balancing your work and study.

What attracted you to Amazon?

Izzy - Digital Marketing Apprentice 1

I was attracted to Amazon because of its work culture and its opportunities for growth within the company. There are so many opportunities to network with other people around the world and learn about their experiences with Amazon.

How do you feel this Apprenticeship will be beneficial to your career progression?

I feel that my Apprenticeship will be beneficial to my career progression because I have already gained so much working experience in different marketing projects, with guidance and mentoring from senior members of my team who have had years of experience in the sector. Also, I have gained so much knowledge on marketing through the educational side of the Apprenticeship, that I will be able to carry on with me through my career. I have had a very well-balanced dose of education and experience to kick-start my career.

Do you feel like direct industry experience has been beneficial to your learning?

For me, direct industry experience has been the most valuable aspect of my Apprenticeship. You get a better understanding of how processes work and when you have goals to meet, you get a good understanding of what does and doesn’t work. You also then have the opportunity to action ideas that you come up with which is such great experience to have.

Has the learning on Apprenticeship change your approach to work?

The learning side of the Apprenticeship has definitely changed my approach to my work, because it gives you a lot of inspiration on things you can implement in your working day.