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Cyber Security

Level 6 Apprenticeship

Are you a solution-driven individual with the ability to think creatively and simplify in a technology arena that is constantly changing?

This role is for you if you are a forward-thinking individual with a passion for innovation in the ever-evolving world of Cyber security. This cutting-edge programme where your problem-solving abilities will shine as you tackle complex systems and situations. You will possess strong communication skills, the ability to dive deep into research using various sources, and the versatility to excel both independently and as part of a dynamic team. You will collaborate across tech and non-tech teams, leveraging your expertise to defend against cyber threats, hazards, and risks, safeguarding our organization, systems, and people from potential harm. The challenges you'll face are far from ordinary – they're the kind that directly impact millions of Amazon users.

Programme Duration36 months + 6 months EPA
Qualification & LevelBSc (Hons) Cyber Security Technical Professional degree – Level 6
Weekly Working Hours40 Hours a week
Office TypeCorporate
Training BreakdownBlended and Work-based Learning. Including, Face to Face workshops, digital learning and self-study.
Required Skills & Qualifications

At least 5 GCSEs C grade (grade 4) or above including Maths and English

You must also have a minimum of 112 UCAS points, which includes 1 stem related qualification at level 3 (A-level, BTEC, etc)

You must NOT already have a qualification in a similar subject at the same or higher level than this apprenticeship

What are the core components of this apprenticeship?

During your apprenticeship, you will acquire valuable skills and knowledge, including:

Cybersecurity Techniques: Mastering the latest strategies to safeguard networks, systems, and data from cyber threats.
Incident Response and Recovery: Learning how to detect and respond to security incidents effectively, and recover systems in the event of a breach.
Security Policy Development: Crafting and implementing robust security policies to protect organizations from vulnerabilities.
Vulnerability Assessment and Management: Identifying and managing potential weaknesses in systems and networks.
Compliance and Legal Understanding: Developing a strong grasp of cybersecurity laws and ethical considerations for secure practices.
Data Protection and Encryption: Proficiency in safeguarding sensitive data through encryption techniques.

What will I learn as I progress through my course?

  • Identifying and analysing potential cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Working on incident response procedures and recovery plans. Collaborating with your team to implement security measures and policies.
  • Conducting vulnerability assessments and proposing mitigation strategies.
  • Staying updated on the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.
  • Documenting and maintaining detailed records of security assessments and measures.
  • Participating in training and development activities to enhance your skills.
  • Analytical and critical thinking skills for Technology Solutions development and can systematically analyse and apply structured problem-solving techniques to complex systems and situations.
  • Use a Logical thinking and creative approach to problem solving.
  • Will put forward, demonstrate value and gain commitment to a moderately complex technology-oriented solution, demonstrating understanding of business need, using open questions and summarising skills and basic negotiating skills.
  • Can conduct effective research, using literature and other media.
  • Will be able to demonstrate a ‘security mind-set’ (how to break as well as make).

What qualifications will I gain?

BSc (Hons) Cyber Security Technical Professional degree

What are my career prospects after graduating?

Your journey as a Cyber security apprentice opens the door to a world of exciting career prospects. You'll have the skills and knowledge to explore various roles in the technology industry, including:

Cyber Risk Manager; Cyber Risk Analyst; Cyber Research Analyst; Cyber Incident Manager; Cyber Security Engineer and Cyber Security Design Engineer.

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"After finishing full time education, this Apprenticeship has provided me the opportunity to understand a corporate environment. I had preconceptions from previous work experience of what it would be like working in an office environment."
Class of 2022 Apprentice

Application Process and Timeline

Online application
Upload your CV, fill in your details, answer the eligibility questions and complete a short online assessment

(Applications open 11th December 2023)
Game-based assessment
Complete a series of short game-based tasks designed to identify your strengths and assess your suitability for the role
Video Interview
Video interview to tell us about your background, motivations, knowledge, skills and interests
Virtual / Onsite Assessment Centre
Assessment centres include: a group exercise, presentation and individual interviews
If successful we will extend you and offer to join our programmes and our recruitment teams will send you a contract of employment
Onboarding process
Our recruitment teams will complete the necessary background checks, register you with the programme training provider and obtain any personal information needed to begin your employment
You'll then be ready to join us on your Apprenticeship programme

(The start date for this programme is September 2024)
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