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IT Engineer


Coventry, Rugeley (Staffordshire), Rugby, Dunfermline, Tilbury, Manchester, Chesterfield (other locations considered)

Programme Length

48 months

Programme Level

Level 4 followed by Level 6 (England) SQF Level 8 followed by SQF Level 10 (Scotland)

Minimum Entry Requirements

5 x GCSE’s (grade 4 or above) (or equivalent) including Maths and English and 1 other STEM subject plus IT practical experience e.g. hobby, volunteer or work experience

Qualification Gained

England - Network Engineer and the Digital and Technology Solutions Professional (Integrated Degree) apprenticeship standards, MD100, CCNA, ITIL4f vendor qualifications.

Scotland - IT Professional L8 apprenticeship and the BSc (Hons) IT Management for Business (Graduate Apprenticeship), MD100, CCNA, ITIL4f vendor qualifications.

Working Pattern

40-hour working week which could include weekend and or night shift working. Typical shift patterns are Sunday to Wednesday days or nights and Wednesday to Saturday days or nights.

Office Type

The positions will be based in a Fulfillment Centre.

Training Breakdown

Blended learning; Mix of virtual and in person workshops, online self-study and on the job learning

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IT Engineer apprentices learn to work on IT Support projects, defining requirements and managing execution. These projects may be local or they may be a part of a larger operational excellence/continuous improvement initiative that apply to multiple locations. As they progress through the programme apprentices will be able identify root causes of operational issues and participate in continuous improvement efforts to eliminate process inefficiencies. They develop the skills to author knowledge base articles and user documentation, they will learn to code which may be applied in automating tasks or modifying small tools.

In addition to growing their technical knowledge and skills, apprentices will have opportunity to develop key and complementary soft skills required within a business environment for example effective communication and teamwork, managing stakeholder relationships, consultancy within a technology context and presentation skills. This blend of technical and interpersonal skills provides a balanced learner journey.

The delivery of the academic programme is facilitated by the training provider using online learning and resources, classroom sessions and 1:1 coaching. Apprentices will complete a series of modules related to specific topics and undertake discovery, practical and application activities to learn, embed and practice their learning. Each individual develops a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate their competence and will undertake a work-based project where they further apply their learning from the modules studied.

Learners are supported throughout the apprenticeship by their training provider learning consultant, the Amazon apprenticeship team, their line manager and buddies/mentors from the IT function.
“Apprenticeship programmes like the one I’m on at Amazon are fantastic for anyone who wants to continue learning or training but doesn’t want to go to university or college"
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